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Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - 13 days ago

Ok. CHANGE IN PLANS. I’m thinking of launching this thing either tomorrow or the 14th!
I’m also thinking of involving the CMC’s (Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo), since it’s been a hot minute.

MAYBE… follow the same method of the last Drive? That means a donation war of sorts, for all three. You can show support for 1, 2, or even all three. It’s up to you. They will be in 3 teams this time. (Yellow, Green, and Purple). Simply tell me which team you’re rooting for WHEN YOU DONATE.

My aim this time is to raise even higher than last time! Can it happen?! What are YOUR thoughts???

Oh. One more thing: new to-do list: https://trello.com/b/WwTCipov/magic-ruperts-commishes-and-agenda

That is all. Questions? Fire away! Carry on, fuzzy butts.

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Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - 3 weeks ago

NOW THEN! As we said goodbye to yet another troublesome year, let’s go over my future plans, shall we?

First off, I did say I wanted to make my next Donation Drive happen on New Year’s Say, but because I’m more behind than ever going into my last week of classes, I’ll need to postpone to likely Wednesday or Thursday. Just letting you all know. OH, on the same topic… I didn’t wanna spoil it, but what are your thoughts on involving dragons and balloons? Also, thinking of throwing in bondage. Next victim? Thoughts? LET ME KNOW!

Next, remember that I wanted to put some of my older (and often never drawn) characters up for adoption? Well, you can find them all in one place, over on my Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/posts/60563910

Moreover, I feel the need to ask: are YCH’s becoming more bought out instead of normal Commissions? Yes, both involve the moolah, but I just wanna hear some input from y’all about this. It will help me understand more going forward.

On another note: earlier, I announced a new character! May I present for the very 1st time in Rupert’s World…
MERCEDES!!! - https://www.patreon.com/posts/60604606

On the same note, I’m also planning on making my own OC based off of Looney Tunes’ Penelope Pussycat (one of my earlier cartoon crushes). How does “Vanilla P.K. (Vanilla PussyKat)” sound? And the colors to go with her, too? Let me know.

Lastly here, remember my other 2 characters that need some love too? Chasity and Terrence? Well, I still have plans for THEIR reference sheets, too. I wanted to make them before the turn of the year, but… life. Still, better late than never, right?

Moving on: remember my short video the other day about “SOMETHING BIG” coming? It’s coming, fellas! I promise…!

Also, it’s important to note: while I do have the honor of making various gifts here and there, whether we’re years-long pals or we’re just getting to know each other, keep in mind that I still have some obligations to my own agenda. Not to be mean, but I just want y’all to take to heart moving forward. I’ll still do them: just not as frequently.

Oh, right. I forgot to mention: YOUR BOI HAS AN INSTRAGRAM, NOW!!!!
That’s right. Check out over there often, as I drop new craps for YOUR viewing pleasure. Oh yeah…!


Whew! What a whopper this was. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading thru all this, my bois and babygirlz! Here’s to a New (and hopefully BETTER) Year! The last one was honestly a bit of a dumpster fire. While we will still have rough times in these first few months, I swear we will get through it. Cheers!
Thank you all so much. Look out for more new content and more crazy crap. Rupert out!

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Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - 1 month ago

Oh, the weather outside is… not too promising. Nothing like hot cocoa to warm up this big round foxy beer gut to get things going! With that, let’s get to business, everyfur, everypony and everydragon!

To start off, BIG news: thanks to one of my buddies on Discord, I’ve adopted a new character! More on… “HER” … in another update soon! 🥰

Next, on the same topic, I still have plans to put up for adoption several of my previous characters that I no longer use or haven’t used in YEARS…. Look out for them over on my PATREON, starting today and moving forward! Now, a quick question: should there be prices, or for free?

Moreover, I know I promised another donation drive on New Year’s Day, but it’s important that I van get all the support I need. For instance, who/who will be the next central target of what fetish? The overall theme? Also, most importantly, how will YOU contribute to keep the drive going? (at least until the end date) Feedback is ALWAYS a virtue. Thanks.

Now then, HOPEFULLY (I repeat: HOPEFULLY), come my graduation from school real soon, I should be able to be on track to make AT LEAST $300 a month… whether it’s from an online job somewhere, or even from HERE, as a cartoonist. (again, why I’m OPEN for commissions, with unlimited slots). Prices and Terms are here if you’re interested: https://www.magicrupert.com/prices + https://www.magicrupert.com/tos

ALSO, new YouTube/social media video content coming soon. Be on the lookout! Oh, and on that note, I have a new ContactInBio link “portal”. ➡️ https://rupertthebluefox.contactin.bio/

Lastly, my New Year’s Resolutions are getting updated (again). My priority, aside from the above request to make the monthly incomes going forward… is also to learn how to drive and get a class C.

Oh, ONE MORE THING…. We need more hot babes in my side of the fandoms! Hands up in you agree with your boi! 😊


Thank you all for reading through what might be the last update scoop from your boi for this year. Here’s to hoping the new one will be TONS better than what we’ve all been though…. So, get out your champagne, and help your boi ring in a new year! 🍹
Maybe for the last time in 2020… thank you all again. Rupert out!

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Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - December 4th, 2021

Ok, guys and gals. Let’s just get right into it. Yes?

I can’t keep quiet about this too long… I had to deal with this cavity in one of my rear bottom teeth, and it becomes painful when I chew down on it in specific ways. I believe it has finally reached a nerve, and no amount of filling is gonna simply fix this without trapping any infection in my gums. So I fear it may come down to either root canal or an extraction. Since extractions are more cost effective, the choice is obvious. The problem is waiting for an appointment and seeing whether any dental plans of discount cards can cover that, with my medical plan. Hopefully, the small change I asked my folks to hold onto earlier will be enough. If not… well, back to work. I need to get back to work anyway. (ahem. C to the OMMISSIONS….)

NOW MOST IMPORTANTLY, I am now 4 Saturdays away from POSSIBLY starting off my next Donation Drive. The question now becomes: what should the theme be? Who’s the ‘victim’ is and what the kink should be? From what I’ve researched, fat inflation seems to be more popular than balloons. While I like both, what are YOUR thoughts? Please let me know. Opinions are greatly a virtue.

NEXT, I’m in the midst of creating some MUCH LONG AWATED reference sheets to my 3 main characters (2 of which needs some more love as well). Be on the lookout for Rupert and Chasity (my two foxes) and Terrence (the bear: formerly know as Trumpiart).

MOREOVER, I’m starting to set up shop on Redbubble, Teepublic and Spreadshirt. More on what my designs will be up for sale in the near future. Give or take a few days(

Lastly, call me crazy, but YCH’s appear to be more popular than regular Commissions. What do y’all think? What should I stick to, moving forward? And on the same note, Winter is around the corner. How about some Winter-themed Commies??


And that’ll do for now! Oh, and don’t forget to check out the progress about my DREAM FURSUIT (https://www.magicrupert.com/fursuit-hub). Thank you all again. Rupert out.

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Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - November 18th, 2021

PHEW. Okay, fuzzbutts. Here are some really important things to take note of. There’ll be plenty, so BUCKLE UP!

First, since I’m about to graduate REALLY soon, maybe after my current semester, or next (who knows), this will mean no more student loan refunds for me. That ALSO means that time is RUNNING OUT for me to find a job. As mentioned earlier, I’m seeking to make at least $150-$200 a month from cartooning here. Will I EVER get there??

NEXT, now that I got my own 22” pen display tablet (XP-Pen Artist 22 2nd-Gen.), it’s gonna take some time for me to EASE into it and Clip Studio Paint, which I haven’t used in a HOT MINUTE.

Also, more IRL crud I need to share. My fridge is acting up again. Once again, warm on the bottom, yet cold on the top. I’m upset, because I’ve JUST missed the maintenance guy come by as I was out doing some errands for my folk. Now I have to wait until Monday for them to look into this problem. Despite 2 defrosting’s, using both hot water and a hair dryer, nothing seems to get the bottom part to chill. Until the time comes, later, I have to resort to freezing and unfreezing my dairy and meat stuffs. This sucks….

Moreover, on the lighter note (somewhat), here’s a quick rundown of what I have planned for the near future. Be on the lookout for:
A pr0n comic series with Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich (based on one of my fics)
An adult comic adaptation of another of my fics “Raft Bonding”.
A possible radio play for my own new story regarding Cozy Glow (it’s an AU).

Lastly, don’t forget my newest LINKTREE (link). It’s your one-stop shop for every site you can find your boi in.

That’s it. Carry on. Questions? Let me know below. Thank you all again, and HAPPY (1 week early) THANKSGIVING! Rupert out.

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Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - October 17th, 2021

Hello again! Sorry for the lack of updates, a ton has happened lately. I’ll keep it TL:DR here. Let’s talk.

Some good-ish news. On the money side, it took some back-and-forthing with my folks, but I've been given a thumbs up to take out a personal loan! BUT... there are some caveats.

I normally intended to have one that would wipe out ALL of my credit card debt, and then some. However, as per credit, this loan provider was kind enough to give me a little over half of what I asked. Which is better than nothing. Sparing details here, I've been approved, and I might use a TINY piece to (maybe) acquire the two remaining pieces to have a Partial fursuit! You can track my progress on that here: https://www.magicrupert.com/fursuit-hub

However, I STILL need to find a job I can be comfortable with. I did say earlier that cartooning here can be my part-time job (or maybe full-time). This is also in line with the fact that I'm about to graduate this Winter. After that... well... you get the picture. Which is why I gotta do what I must, and have some money set aside… just in case….

NEXT, I’ve also taken initiative to overdrive my cartooning workflow with a NEW drawing tablet… the XP-Pen Artist 22 (2nd)! It’ll be a major step up from an Artist 13.3 that I used to own and sold some time ago. I’m expecting it to arrive this week. Until then, I’m stuck with my iPad Pro and Procreate, which isn’t bad. Just wanted to hit back Clip Studio Paint after years.

MOREOVER, I’m on the cusp of opening up a Redbubble store. What do you think?
> https://www.redbubble.com/people/Magic-Rupert/shop
It’s a work in progress for now.

Lastly, for the SOMETHING BIG video on my YouTube right now… new update on that is COMING! Stay tuned, fellas!

And that’s it! Questions? Let me know below! Love to hear back. Thank you so much. Rupert out.

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Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - October 6th, 2021

I REALLY HATE to be an alarmist, but I'm behind on my phone bill by $482, and I can't get or make anymore calls if I don't cough up $233 today. Yikes....
I asked to buy more time, and Sprint allowed no later than the 20th of THIS MONTH.

You know, this is my fault for being so behind on your boi's finances....
I'm really sorry for burdening y'all like this, but times are tough. And my folks are still hesitant about letting my take out a personal loan to paid for even HALF (not all) of my $6500 of credit card debt. And now I'm also forcing to skip payments for my power and gas, because my school loan STILL hasn't come in, due to "inconsistent data" on my Fafsa. I recently sold my Surface tablet, yet that barely helps.

Again, I wanna apologize for venting like this about money... but oh boy....

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Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - October 3rd, 2021

I need an honest opinion on this, so...

If so, what store site do you recommend?
(this is an idea right now, I want to know if I can provide such services right now.)
Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thankies.

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Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - August 9th, 2021


The Drive “Revenge of the Gluttonous Blue Princess” is nearing its conclusion. Today is your last chance to show your support for either or both Team Green and Team Orange. You can go so with PayPal and/or going to the “like button” link in all of the milestone pics uploaded today! This was already a crazy and fun drive, and I’m so impressed by the results up to this point. Still, let’s wrap this thing up with a BANG! (so to speak)


When this baby ends, I have plans to make some YCH’s for sale. Many can range between $15 and as high as $60 for base. Keep your eyes peeled!


As of now, your boi is working on a fresh new Reference sheet! Upload is TBD right now, but stay vigilant, my bois!


LASTLY, as I mentioned before, I have plans to buy separate fursuit pieces little by little as time goes on.

I made a page to track all this progress so y’all can stay in the know:


Note: this will update without notice, so be on the lookout!


ONE MORE THING! I also mentioned one time that since my 10th anniversary on Fur Affinity will me March 25th of next year (228 days by the time of this update), my #1 goal is to have a FULL body suit made and delivered (or hand crafted by made) before that date! What do you think? Too ambitious?



And that’s it for now! Questions? Ask away. Thank you so much. Rupert out!


Posted by RupertTheBlueFox - July 27th, 2021

Well, guys… I’m once again finding myself in deep money waters. Time for me to sound like a BROKEN RECORD.


Weeks ago, like an ambitious crap I am, I was aiming to buy a new mid-range graphics card on the cheap for my next PC build: the new build to replace my older one, not the one I’m using. The problem is… it was supposed to ship from Germany, and after waiting 2 weeks now… nothing came. I messaged the seller numerous times, only to be met with silence. I even opened a case for a refund. AND… like an idiot, I closed it prematurely, hoping that the item would come, and I’d make a proper return. All was in vain. I then learned that after closing a case, I can’t open another one for the same item.


AND THEN IT HIT ME… I have officially made a $165 MISTAKE. Yeah…. I clearly don’t know what to do now. I’m behind on a couple of my bills again, and even with this upcoming student loan this week, it’s hard to manage. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I’ve launched the new incentive drive.


Right now, I have an old but good-working iMac that I’m TRYING to sell for some chump change. I bought in initially for $300 back in 2012 for video editing school. I’ll even include the Firewire external hard drive. Interested?


Also, I could just make Commissioning a full-time job of sort… but should I? KEEP IN MIND: in order for to AT LEAST be decent on my spending and bills, I’ll need to make at least $400 a month, meaning $100 a week. Those numbers ALONE are while I still am getting SSA benefits. (I’m still on the lookout for that, BTW)


Oh. And as for fursuit stuffs. It’s safe to say that the only piece I’ve managed to even put money into as of this update, is a head (the quintessential piece of any suit, IMO). Now, I still plan to buy small and in increments. Hopefully, by year’s end, I will have a partial suit. Until then, for my next piece(s), I’m debating on whether to get the tail, or hand paws. Options. And prices. For the record, I’m looking all over Etsy. If there are other options that are cost effective, please let me know.



That’s it for now. Sorry about that rant.