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Well, I’m back from my 3-day casino away trip as of Wednesday, and on top of running my luck out on just $25 in my pocket (walking out with just $5, plus a less than subtle family emergency on the return trip), ON TOP of all that, I’m in more financial trouble than ever. It STILL doesn’t help that my Tax Return in still not in my mailbox, the deal is this:

If I don’t pay up $126 for cable tv and internet by MONDAY + $122 for my phone by TUESDAY + $82 by the 24th to keep my lights on + $51 for gas by the 30th AND I just missed a $117 loan repayment… I’m gonna be MEGA SCREWED. ALL of which are 1 month late and are due to be disconnected SOON. Not to mention late credit card payments.

Again, I’m really REALLY sorry to keep bringing this up to y’all, but I guess this is the cost of me not having a STEADY source of income (aka, a FRACKING JOB…!) So if it’s no problem, I shall make myself available to a slew of EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS. Okay?

To put something else in more context, the $117 I mentioned is one of the repayments for the $3900 loan I recently took out, HOPING that it would help me catch up with my credit card debt… turns out that didn’t go so well.

ALSO, a new development regarding school. Last time, I mentioned that I would have to start classes in a new online film school after getting accepted. Well, my folks made me realized that since I still don’t have a job, or a way to pay back the $26,000 out of pocket (AND external loans are a no-go), I didn’t really want to put myself in an even bigger money burden than I’m already in. So I made a decision to cancel my enrollment there. I still need to pay $1600 in the OTHER school in order to take the last class and graduate there (finally).

Still, though, I need help… unless I can do another one of those Drive things again, which I am hoping to start in mid or late August.


That’s all I can muster for this one, fellas. Again, my sincere apologies for such negative vibes coming from me, and I normally try to avoid it, but this is a DIRE moment for me right now.


If you have any questions, ask away…. I’ll be here if any one is willing to chip in a bit. Help out a brother fox….